Social Media trends & predictions for 2022!

content strategy online marketing social media Jan 02, 2022


First of all - Happy New Year! May it be an amazing one!

Let’s talk about social media trends and predictions for this year, where your focus should be, any changes you need to make, etc.

Let’s skip the small talk and dive in!


  1. Video content will still remain powerful - the best way to showcase your expertise as well as your personality to your audience. (and of course it needs to be valuable)  
  2. Short form video will keep rocking the online space - yep, IG Reels and TikTok are still strong in the game, but other platforms jump on this trend as well, including YouTube with their YT Shorts (personally - I hate it on YT…), FB launched reels in the USA and soon is to be launched on LinkedIn too (that will be interesting one to see if it takes off or dies slow death like stories did…)  
  3. Content that sparks conversations - posting for the sake of posting is the worst strategy you can have; in the sea of posts you need to learn the craft of standing out in your niche so that you can attract right people to you and repel those who are not your tribe (yes, vanilla content won’t work, time to add some chilli flakes!)  
  4. “Homemade” content - created directly on your device with little post productions; why? It is perceived as more genuine and authentic and brings your audience closer to you.  
  5. The power of Stories (IG & FB) - people are naturally curious hence behind the scenes content is super valuable   
  6. More conversations - meaningful ones! (if you want to make it even more powerful - tap into voice notes and video messages)  
  7. Building thriving communities - this has been big over the past couple years, but now it’s time to raise the bar and create a space where people want to go back to without a prompt from a post that they may or may not see (“the beauty” of an algorithm). That said - FB Groups are still important, but to make it work you need an effective strategy to make it work. Or - you can create a community outside of FB (I have just done it recently!)


The path to follow:



What is it that you are most excited about?

Are there any changes you are making this year when it comes to your social media presence?


Let me know! Would love to hear from you!


Your coach & cheerleader,

CoachMonika x

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