Which platform to choose for your community? Facebook Group? Mighty Networks?

community facebook mighty networks online marketing social media Jan 15, 2022

If you are a coach, mentor, creator, service provider... I bet you have heard many times that you should start building a community

(A thriving community, of course!)

And it is actually not that difficult to start. Most will set up a Facebook Group, invite few people in, get some content posted, and voila - done. 

Mhmmmm... not quite. 

Here is my perspective, and what I have decided to do when it comes to a platforms.

Facebook Group is a great option to start with. I do have my own (free to join) FB group (Smart Social Media) that I set up in 2020 and I still grow it and share my content there. In a way. The purpose of it is to attract leads, and nurture them through my content

At the end of the 2021 I decided that I want to also (finally) get my membership going for those who are ready to take action and step up their social media game. The obvious thing would have been to start another Facebook Group for my paying members. But I was just not sold on idea to host my paid membership on a full of distractions platform.

So I researched....

And researched...

And researched a bit more...

Until I have decided to give Mighty Networks a go.

I launched my SSM Inner Circle and I have used it now for good few weeks...so far so good! 

Yes, it has taken time to get used to it and some of the features, but overall it's been great kick start to my Inner Circle.

Here are few things I love when it comes to Mighty Networks vs Facebooks Group:

- no algorithm driven reach

- no need to post a lot of content for the sake of increased engagement, it's all about pure value

- each member can set up their profile with all the links, their expertise, etc

- very tidy organisation in topics and events

- and probably the biggest one - distraction free zone! 

There is more that I will be discovering as I go along, and I will share the journey here. 

If you want to check it out for yourself hop into my Inner Circle and experience the magic for yourself! 

Or watch my YouTube video with overview of Mighty Networks here:

Mighty Networks overview


Coach Monika 



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