How to remove sales objections

coaching business online marketing sales call Jan 30, 2022

There is tons of trainings, videos, course about handling objections. It is important to know the principles and what questions to ask when those objections appear. 

But there is something even more important!

And it is to remove any objections from the call completely. Sounds like a dream? Well, let me tell you - it feels great when you have a call with a prospect who is ready to sign up!

What's the hack?

There isn't one. What is there are three core ingredients you need to start mastering. And those are:

  • an effective pre-qualification process - can be in a form of simple questions via messenger, an application, etc
  • an irresistible offer - you need to sharpen your ideas here and make it no brainer for your ideal client
  • ability to articulate your offer in a way that clearly states the program promise and milestones along the way

All those points takes time, but I strongly suggest you better carve some time and start mastering it if you truly want to build a thriving coaching / service based business.


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